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About me….WOW it is rare to talk about yourself as a mom when it is normally all about the kids (which don’t get me wrong that is what I LOVE to do on a daily basis!)

But let’s see here, to start I am the mom of one amazing 2 year old, Ezekiel, and my now 2 month old babe Lincoln. Next I would identify with the fact that I am a full time online student obtaining my goal of becoming an Elementary school teacher. Lastly I am a full time supervisor for Starbucks….glamorous right?!

This blog is a journey of my crazy happy life. Throughout all of my education and experience I have a good understanding of how to create and upkeep each individual in the family, and I want to teach you how as well! Everyone from the youngest member to yourself and extended family as well. So let’s dig into it!

If you want to get to know me with some fun little facts you can find that Here!

Or you want to hear about my crazy unexpected home birth story?

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