To move or to not to move…

So this has been a nagging thought in my head for months now (not that I can do anything about it right away) but I read an article last night describing the budget deficit that my current school district is in. This is bad for two reasons; my sons will be going to school here and I will be becoming a teacher here in the next year. So after sleeping on that thought and waking up everything inside of me told me that I CANNOT live here. I don’t know what it was that took over because I’ve known were not in a very good school district but I wanted to make it work because all of our friends and family are here. And if we move it will be to a place we know no one and won’t have the help like we do here. I feel like I like the idea of starting fresh in a new city but it also terrifies me! My question for you readers out there is…have any of you done this? How did it turn out? And if you could recommend a place for a young family of 4 to move to (anywhere in the U.S) where would it be and why?


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