Well I did not make it on to post last week due to Thanksgiving but I’M BACK! I am feeling super motivated after a realization I had last week. My accomplishments between the 1st of September and November 15th:

  • I finished one 4 credit online class along with two 3 credit classes
  • I started working 40 hours a week for the first time in 2+ years
  • I had my second child on October 6th
  • I started a new “beauty” routine (more to come on that later)

So not to toot my own horn but I am feeling very proud of myself. Before I started this semester in school I went through a short period where I thought about taking a term break since I was going to be learning how to juggle two little boys now, but I decided to move on and continue with school. And boy am I so happy that I did! With the way my school works my semester still does not end until the end of February and I can take as many more classes as I would like to do. So onward to my next class; a four credit natural science class. This is a big milestone in my education because it is my last class before I begin to take all of the elementary education classes (YAY!).

For the upcoming week my next goals will be:

  1. Get one section of classwork done in Natural Science
  2. Finally make those cookies I have been craving for the last month!
  3. Wrap some presents
  4. Write 2 different blog posts on top of my weekly check in
    1. Baking with a 2 year old
    2. My new obsession – beauty

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