In honor of National Cookie Day…

I made cookies with my 2 year old! Now “unfortunately” I have been craving homemade cookies for a solid month now. (I have a 2 month old what do you expect! Everything takes longer!!) So this morning I put my mind to it, I WAS going to finally make these cookies and I DID IT! Now naturally I had to include my 2 year old in this adventure so this is the short story of baking with a toddler in pictures.


To start out I need to make sure that my youngest is content without his milk maker! CHECK


Here we are happily measuring out all the ingredients. Also our recipe  clearly displayed on my computer because I cannot remember a darn thing let alone a whole recipe!!



WAIT what happened to the toddler?! Well dad said that Babe was rolling over for the first time (YAY milestones!) So of course as a sweet big brother does he must go check to see what’s happening.

*quick mom tip – Use a plate to measure over for “quicker” cleanup*



Time to make the dough balls…he just likes to rub the dough in his hands…. but we eventually get to this!




The second best part of making cookies…getting to turn the light on and watch the bake 🙂


IMG_20171204_161533643.jpgAND the final product! Delicious double chocolate chip cookies! and now my craving is satisfied.


Happy National Cookie Day!


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