Day 1 Blog Challenge

What is the meaning behind your blog name?

As you all can clearly see my blog’s name is Mommy’s Real Life. But what’s behind my reasoning for this name starts out with how anyone who knows me says that I am brutally honest when it comes to my “mom life”. I tell it exactly how it is. For example while pregnant if someone asked how I was feeling I would not give the expected answers of “Oh I’m tired but it’s all worth it” or the ever asked question “Are you excited?” With which you are obviously supposed to reply with “Yes!” My answers were always much more candid (which we can get into deeper later).

My life is not cookie cutter perfect by any means! But one thing is for certain I do NOT try and make it seem that way. Mommy’s Real Life is me expressing what it is like to keep a family going even when it might seem tough. I want to be real and open and honest about the different aspects of what life is like being apart of a young family. And how to normalize the thoughts and ideas that I know other moms and dads are having but might not be expressing.

My journey is just beginning but one thing is for certain “I’m keepin’ it real.”


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