The Realistic Toddler Pinterest Craft -Day 5

Make something from Pinterest and show it off!

How many times have you looked at all of those wonderful crafts to do with your toddler on Pinterest? If your anything like me you look at lots of them!

Well I was challenged to find one and try it out. But I did something better. I came up with my own realistic Christmas toddler craft. AND I did it all from stuff you can get at the Dollar Store, because who doesn’t love a good Dollar Store craft?

All you need is…img_20171213_101757668.jpgA bag of different sized pom-poms, some Christmas ribbon, finger-paint, and some plastic clear ornaments. *Make sure they are plastic! We don’t need little shards of broken ornaments everywhere.*

  • A quick tip…I would also grab a plastic table cloth as well to make for easier clean up.

So to start up take the top off the ornament and have your little one fill up each ornament with as many pom-poms as they want. IMG_20171213_102235339Mine decided to stuff them TOTALLY full and use the whole bag!

This is great for practicing fine motor skills by putting each little pom-pom into the hole.

IMG_20171213_105223_045Next up painting! Now I know painting with a toddler is NOT easy but it’s a memory you get to have with your little one and you will have the ornament to hang up each year to remember this time!

I choose this finger paint from the Dollar Store because it is relatively easy to clean up and it is not super pigmented so you can still see the pom-poms.

Here’s what ours look like so far. img_20171213_104951817.jpgNow it’s time to let them dry!

So in the mean time since the paint is already out why not paint some more pictures?!IMG_20171213_104837907We decided to go for the multicolor handprint!

And last but not least…IMG_20171213_110423206Take your ribbon and make Some little bows on them in order to hang them up. And lastly take a sharpie to mark the year on it (if you want).

IMG_20171213_130959982VOILA! Hang them on the tree and there you go some nice personal ornaments that you got to make with your toddlers.

Easy, cheap and memorable!

Crafts with your little ones shouldn’t be a hassle, and they definitely don’t always turn out like the gorgeous Pinterest pictures. So I am here to show you some REAL toddler crafts. All you need is $5 and a little bit of time and fun! If you have any requests of other toddler crafts and how they might turn let me know in the comments and we will practice them first, before you might want to try!

I want to see your toddler Pinterest crafts! Send me pictures or show them off below in the comments! See you next time with my toddler making sugar cookies!


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