Why You Should Love Winter

List 10 things you love about the current season.

Current Season: Winter
Current Mood about the Season: Joyful!

Winter has got to be my favorite season (along with fall), because of all that it entails! And I will tell you exactly why you should love winter as well.

  1. The SNOW!
    – Don’t let it drag you down, you can make snowmen or go sledding. Snow is still fun!
  2. Hot chocolate of course 🙂
    – I mean come on you get to drink a big cup of chocolate. BUT it should be made with milk!
  3. The holiday season
    -You’ve got Thanksgiving (sort of it’s close enough), Christmas or Hanukkah (take your pick!), The New year! Its a joyful time!
  4. I’m not dying of sweat!!
    – I literally HATE to be sticky and sweaty it is my least favorite thing ever.
  5. Christmas Cookies…yummm
    – Aren’t the holidays just an excuse to eat your weight in junk food?? HAHA!
  6. The cold, I know I know who likes the cold?!
    – I DO! Because you can pile on the clothes and blankets to get warmer but you can only take so much off to get cooler. Think about that…
  7. Family traditions
    – I just love that my new little family gets to create our own traditions to keep up with. What are some of your favorite?
  8. The start of a new year
    – Starting a new year on a new mindset is always a good refresh!
  9. I don’t know what it is but I love winter meals better than summer
    – Being able to use the oven and make nice comforting foods is my favorite. Although I do love a nice BBQ’d dinner as well!
  10. My winter wardrobe!
    – My wardrobe for the winter I just feel more comfortable it after having two babies my body is definitely NOT the same! And summer clothing makes that obvious. But I am learning to feel better about it all.

There are so many things I love about this current season! What are your favorites? Or possibly least favorites if winter happens to be a season you don’t enjoy.

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