5 Easy Hairstyles for the Mom Who Has No Time for Electric Hair Tools

Are you constantly putting your hair up in just a pony tail because you don’t know what else to do with it? Or just because you simply don’t have the time for a full on hair-do?!

I know I am! But I have found myself growing tired of the same pulled back pony tail look, and I am sure I’m not alone. Though as a mom of two young boys I don’t really have the time to do anything fancy.

Having just a few extra hairstyles that only take a few minutes in your handbook can make you go from feeling drab to fab! Just because we are moms does not mean that we should sacrifice everything for our kids! And I am here to help you learn some tips and tricks to raise your self esteem after possibly loosing that after baby was born.

All you need for these styles is 5 minutes, hair ties, a thin stretchy headband, small claw clips and bobby pins (if you’d like).

PIXNOR Hair Styling Accessories Kit Set for DIY

1. The first hair style involves the headband and some bobby pins. Now this can work with long and short hair. You can see here how to make this look with short hair.

For myself I have very long hair which makes this look turn out a little bit different.
First you take your hair and part it down the middle and put the hairband on top of all your hair.
Next you take sections and wrap it around the hairband to hold it in place, giving your hair a crown like look.
And once you get to the back I take some hair from underneath the back to make it look as if I have it in a ponytail.
To keep it in place I use bobby pins to secure it down. *make sure to hide the bobby pins under your hair to give a more smooth look*
I like to dress it up a bit with a nicer headband as pictured!IMG_20171224_133430252_LL

Hipsy 3pk Women’s Adjustable NO SLIP Running Black Headband Gift Pack

2. Hairstyle number 2 is my take on a “messy bun”. ‘Cause let’s face it how many of us can really make a messy bun look as good as others do in pictures! All you need is one pony tail and some claw clips.

I start by putting my hair up in a high pony tail, and when making the last loop in the hair tie I only pull my hair half way through to give it a bun effect.
*With short hair you can stop here and leave it like this.
Now with my hair there is a lot left over that I pull around to hide the pony tail, using little claw clips to hold each piece in place. you can leave it as “messy” or as clean as you would like! You can see here how it is done!

3. The next hair style only takes 3 pony tails and takes me about 2 minutes to do!

You start by pulling back the top third section of hair into a pony tail.
Then tie it off and gently split it in half to be able to pull your hair up and through, so it then lays flat.
Next grab the middle third of hair along with the hair from the top pony tail and tie it off.
Then separate it again in half and pull through the hair.
Do this all on last time with the remaining hair.
You now have a super easy look that took you minutes to putt together! What time crunching mom wouldn’t like this?!IMG_20171222_165453_785

4. Another one is the bang braid. This just takes a pony tail and some bobby pins!

To do this just make a simple braid in your bangs as large or as small as you’d like.
Remember to pull bits of hair in to keep it flat against your head and once you get to the start of your ear just braid the rest out and secure off with a small pony tail.
Next I like to put up all of my hair into a pony to give it a nice pulled back look.
Easy as pie!


5. My last hairstyle is a bit of a bonus one…. Grab a hat and call it good! ‘Cause let’s be real your a mom and sometimes this is needed!

The number one thing to remember with any of these style is to just own them! If you made a mistake and it did not turn out exactly as planned that is OK! Be confident mama and own that look because no matter what you look great!

I would love to see your 5 minute styles in the comments below!Mom Hair2


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