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The Realistic Toddler Pinterest Craft -Day 5

Make something from Pinterest and show it off! How many times have you looked at all of those wonderful crafts to do with your toddler on Pinterest? If your anything like me you look at lots of them! Well I was challenged to find one and try it out. But I did something better. I … Continue reading The Realistic Toddler Pinterest Craft -Day 5

How to Gear up for the New Year Today!

We all do it at the end of each year; coming up with those New Years resolutions! Let's face long do you ACTUALLY stick to these goals? 1 month? 1 week? 1 day?! New Years resolutions tend to be quite large goals that people want to accomplish. The always famous - lose weight, eat … Continue reading How to Gear up for the New Year Today!

Day 4 Blog Challenge – 20 Facts

What are 20 facts about you? I am a mom of two boys, and I constantly get asked if we are going to try for a girl next. I have been a Starbucks barista for almost 5 years I used to be an everyday coffee drinker, but after the birth of my second my taste … Continue reading Day 4 Blog Challenge – 20 Facts

Day 3 Blog Challenge – Overcoming Fear

What is your biggest fear? Fears are something that we all have whether they be small or large, a fear is something that we should learn to overcome. The tried and true way to do this is by putting yourself out there and doing. I have always had a fear of laying my heart out … Continue reading Day 3 Blog Challenge – Overcoming Fear

Day 2 Blog Challenge – Dream Job

What is your dream job and why? Over the years while taking so many different collage classes I have had a plethora of "dream jobs." I just did not have a for sure idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up! Honestly I still would not say that I had a precise … Continue reading Day 2 Blog Challenge – Dream Job

Day 1 Blog Challenge

What is the meaning behind your blog name? As you all can clearly see my blog's name is Mommy's Real Life. But what's behind my reasoning for this name starts out with how anyone who knows me says that I am brutally honest when it comes to my "mom life". I tell it exactly how … Continue reading Day 1 Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

So what better way to get to know each other than a 30 day blog challenge. I am "stealing" my best friend's self created blog challenge. Now I cannot guarantee that I will post one a day for this, especially because of it being the Christmas season I have lots of other blog post ideas I … Continue reading 30 Day Blog Challenge

In honor of National Cookie Day…

I made cookies with my 2 year old! Now "unfortunately" I have been craving homemade cookies for a solid month now. (I have a 2 month old what do you expect! Everything takes longer!!) So this morning I put my mind to it, I WAS going to finally make these cookies and I DID IT! … Continue reading In honor of National Cookie Day…


Well I did not make it on to post last week due to Thanksgiving but I'M BACK! I am feeling super motivated after a realization I had last week. My accomplishments between the 1st of September and November 15th: I finished one 4 credit online class along with two 3 credit classes I started working … Continue reading Motivated!

One Month In & Goals

Little Lincoln is officially a month old (and a few days...oops!). This month has been full of firsts for us. He has given dad a few little smirks, he is trying to find his voice now, and he is starting to actually watch people. I love my little boy but now that he is starting … Continue reading One Month In & Goals