Life Update – January 2018

Hello all!! I have been away from the computer for awhile and wanted to share a quick update! I do have some posts in the works ready to publish here soon I just need to finalize them. Life has just been a bit chaotic and I have not had much time. Health Since right before … Continue reading Life Update – January 2018


How to Pack the Perfect Diaper Bag – A List of Essentials

Choosing a Diaper bag Choosing a diaper bag may seem like a daunting task, but once you figure out what you will need it's a whole lot easier! Having been through many different diaper bags I can say for certain that you DO NOT want to cheap out on this purchase. This bag is becoming your life … Continue reading How to Pack the Perfect Diaper Bag – A List of Essentials

5 Easy Hairstyles for the Mom Who Has No Time for Electric Hair Tools

Are you constantly putting your hair up in just a pony tail because you don't know what else to do with it? Or just because you simply don't have the time for a full on hair-do?! I know I am! But I have found myself growing tired of the same pulled back pony tail look, … Continue reading 5 Easy Hairstyles for the Mom Who Has No Time for Electric Hair Tools

In honor of National Cookie Day…

I made cookies with my 2 year old! Now "unfortunately" I have been craving homemade cookies for a solid month now. (I have a 2 month old what do you expect! Everything takes longer!!) So this morning I put my mind to it, I WAS going to finally make these cookies and I DID IT! … Continue reading In honor of National Cookie Day…


Well I did not make it on to post last week due to Thanksgiving but I'M BACK! I am feeling super motivated after a realization I had last week. My accomplishments between the 1st of September and November 15th: I finished one 4 credit online class along with two 3 credit classes I started working … Continue reading Motivated!

One Month In & Goals

Little Lincoln is officially a month old (and a few days...oops!). This month has been full of firsts for us. He has given dad a few little smirks, he is trying to find his voice now, and he is starting to actually watch people. I love my little boy but now that he is starting … Continue reading One Month In & Goals

Unexpected Home Birth

Our day started off as normally as they have been at 9 months pregnant thinking that at any moment labor could start and we would need to get ready to go to the hospital. I had gone through the night unscathed with no contractions so I decided to go into work. Working at Starbucks on … Continue reading Unexpected Home Birth

Pre-Labor Blues

Burning. Contracting. Breath-taking pre-labor. Since Monday I have been experiencing pre-labor pains and I am sick of it! Don't get me wrong I want to keep my baby in as long as possible to keep him safe and give him the best chance but I have reached the point where I just want this to … Continue reading Pre-Labor Blues