Pre-Labor Blues

Burning. Contracting. Breath-taking pre-labor. Since Monday I have been experiencing pre-labor pains and I am sick of it! Don’t get me wrong I want to keep my baby in as long as possible to keep him safe and give him the best chance but I have reached the point where I just want this to be over with and for baby to make his appearance. I will have hours of consistent contractions that just do not get close enough together to warrant going into the hospital. Then I will have moments of time that I think my water has broken but UHMM nope! It’s just some kind of nasty mucus. Baby boy is also so far down between by legs that keeping my legs closed hurts so I am just sitting spread eagle…I know lady-like right? While on the subject of how far down he is let’s talk about the head grinding against the cervix feeling. The best I can put into words is that it is the feeling of the sound of when car breaks are metal to metal would feel like down yonder. Then with each hiccup he has it just puts the pressure on my bladder instantly and makes me feel like I am going to pee my pants. All of this on top of the normal late pregnancy symptoms has made it impossible to sleep and impossible to do much of anything. And I know, I know I should treasure the fact that my body is able to produce such an amazing thing but this pregnancy has taken the life out of me! AND I am the women who does not have a connection to this baby growing inside of me like all women say they have! If this is you as well, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This is baby number two for me and both times now I have not felt a connection instantly or even a few months after knowing I was pregnant. I do want to note that the feeling will change I love my first son, Ezekiel more than life itself. So come along with me for more discussion on this subject to get the word out that this is not weird or uncommon.


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